The elements used in the realisation of the project come from a unity of production called “slips of the tongue“ that is part of a ten modular ensemble, that I have been working with since 1997 called Bureau Des Activités Implicites (Implicit Activities Bureau)1. I called these elements “slips of the tongue“ and the module where they were made, and from which they evolve, “le module à lapsus” (the slip of the tongue module). They are presented in an ad form, like those found in grocery stores (private sales), in newspapers, graffiti, slogans or even request formulations that have the particularity of diffusing themselves at the end of the sentences. They include in the heart of the propositions the failures that they presuppose.
The term “slip“ should not be understood as ‘paraphrastic’ or as a Freudian slip. However, it is important to realise that slips of the tongue operate within the confusion of feelings and inside the twists of syntax. They float inside the swamps where desire is dissolved, they always announce more than they actually desire, they insinuate and in doing so, they head towards disaster.

These formulas, these slips of the tongue are systematically present with other elements : titles of works from the module of the same name2 that replace the telephone number or the address of the person to contact in the ads. It shall no longer be Martine or Jerome that will answer but “les grandes gelées internes” (the great inner freeze) “la syncope du temps linéaire” (the syncope of linear time)… Within my project for AWS, there exists a certain form of absence and no true decorative patterns. However one finds memos, ads or messages that include the universe of the bedroom, the office or even the kitchen, in other words, a living space enabling the wall to become a place on which life may be punctuated, constituted then exiled into the borders of its architecture. The border, made up of various slips of the tongue, is the central element from which the pattern (stickers) may be freely positioned (above, below, next to). The pattern may be positioned anywhere, on a fridge, on a mirror…

1- The Bureau of Implicit Activities includes nine units apart from the slip module, a title module, a reminiscence module, a waiting module, etc.
2- The title module another unit of the Bureau of Implicit Activities, gathers titles of works that shall never be realised.


Tatiana Trouvé, 2001
18/08/01 15:50
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