“Here I am with you, or rather you with me, who shall have the principal role in this scene ?“
All the people lined up in this photograph border participated in a staging, described as follows :
Using different pairs of socks, odd or identical enabling potentially reconstituted a, b, c pairs. Ten assistants asked certain members of the public to go back stage where they put on an odd pair of socks and were photographed. They were then left to join the crowd. As each sock has a double, for each wearer named x ; there exist two people x’ and x’’. x and x’ have on one of their feet, one of the two socks worn by x. Multitudes of different attitudes are possible like invisible links between all of the participants. They might talk about it or not: they might even go looking for the owners of their sock doubles, if they want to. In any case, they leave wearing the socks. There exists a closed chain formed by the succession of socks (La/Rb) ; (Lb/Rc) ; (Lc/Rd), (La/Rb) is the closed couple formed by both feet Left L and right R of a participant N, who wears a virtual sock b and a virtual sock a. The above chain is closed only if there exists a person who wears (Ld/Ra).
What is interesting is that the length of the chain is uncertain because it can be closed immediately if one obtains (La/Rb) ; (Lb/Rc) ; (Lc/Ra). The minimal chain therefore is made up of three people. The total group of the participants may constitute variable lengths of chains formed at random. On the day of the performance, three unequal chains appeared. The one selected for the border was made with forty-five people. These virtual chains remain, so long as the owners of the socks do not form a community.

In reality, the L and R notes are uncertain. If each person has a left and a right foot, the socks remain neutral. They are not differentiated from left to right. A pair of socks may therefore be worn by two left feet. The border made of a succession of photos of the different participants must reconstitute a pair of socks corresponding to a foot situated on the right side of the photo and a foot situated on the left of another photo of the same pair. However we have already mentioned that two left feet may wear the same pair of socks. This case occurred many times. The only solution was to turn around the guilty images in order to put things back into place and produce a series of reconstituted pairs. Where does the truth lie since the socks are neutral and cannot be differentiated between left and right ? It was then decided to produce a second series where all of the photos were turned around except those that had already been turned around, the first time.
The photographs show light in the wings of the staging however they constitute a scene on the border in the same way that the socks are an inverted appearance that can be turned inside out. The scene slides always in front of another, like the socks, shifting from one foot to another and making the round turn. The ultimate reversal of the situation is that the feet situated on the right of the photos are in reality left feet, except where the photo was reversed.
The following text was projected on the wall : In this place, There are people wearing odd pairs of socks. Each sock possesses its unique double amongst the worn socks. Each person induces a link with two other people.

Santiago Reyes, 2001.
18/08/01 15:48
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