HOLES 1996-2001

During the making of an art object, some projects unfortunately never see the light for many reasons. I sometimes work on a project that I had left untouched for many years. What interests me then, is to experience once again the “creative process“, by letting time pass between the first documents of a project conveying a certain idea, and the introduction of a new experience.
The work on the holes presents the fragment of a project that shall always be in progress. The first trace of the holes is a rather basic model of an imaginary room that was to be completed later at full scale during an exhibition. One could see in the model, plastic piping between the interior and external walls that was connected to a pump. This device was supposed to enable the liquid flow along the walls and then onto the ground.
The holes are a graphic image of true holes that were drilled into the walls of the room. The holes are trompe-l’œil that mislead no one because they are the universal representation of a drawing of a hole. They are the most recognisable elements of the initial project. On the scale of the model, they indicate that something could happen ; they had a functional and descriptive purpose. On the scale of reality, they were to become the disturbing elements of the mechanism ; it is from them that the liquid was to flow. Finally, on the scale of the fragment, the holes are now stickers that suggest gigantic and improbable walls. They have become patterns that restore a sensation. They place the spectator inside an alternative space to the museum, the domestic space for an artwork.
Cyrille Martin, 2001
19/08/01 18:42
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