The repetition of a pattern, one of the specifications of AWS, corresponds to a certain decorative tradition. However the repetition of an identical face that I propose, constitutes a reflection on identity and on the formatting of the mind.
Disc Dur is composed of a black drawing on a white background representing a standardised human body seen from above, rather like a logotype. The drawing is situated in the centre of a metal coloured disc, on one hand allowing a rotation and on the other creating a mobile hermetic balloon.

Rotation (to turn around oneself), the body as an instrument of standardisation and identity, constitute a few of my artistic preoccupations to be seen regularly in my work, (“Identité”, 1993 “Identity“ ; “300 exemplaires” 1998, “300 duplicates“ ; “L’autre”, 1998 “The Other“ ; “Music Box” 2000 ; “Les Vitrines”, Dortmund 2000 “The windows“), etc.
Bernard Lallemand, 2001
18/08/01 15:16
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