« O.K. DÉCO »
Rendering natural decoration to its most exact cultural expression.

Nature displays plants and flowers for the pleasure of my eyes (my eyes ?) the most exact cultural statements are the ones that today ask the question : does nature still have a place inside our iconic space, inside our Universe ? A wall is an iconic space for cultural ecology, to rejoice my eyes. Interior decoration has always been inspired by plant and fruit forms. In turn, I also find inspiration in different publicity forms : the best cultural expressions of our time (the greengrocers of atmosphere).
I chose a postcard representing fern. With a sharp blade, I scraped all the photographic material around a stalk supporting two symmetrical leaves and ending in non developed foliage curled in crosier form. I obtained a Martian plant trying to act like a humanoid. The new plant seemed to say that ornamental truth is not in the act of flowering but in “stalking”.


Then I took the four protective aluminium caps off four lemon flavoured “Danone Velouté“ yoghurts, and joined them so that the printed visuals of the lemons were symmetrical. Lastly, I folded the written parts with the brand, the weight, and the expiry date, hiding the anodised aluminium part, in contact with the food.
Between the fern stalk obtained by pruning and the composition of the lemons by joining and folding, a certain acid coloured harmony and an aesthetic “poor” connivance was installed. The fern dispersed pattern and the lemons as complementary border on the edge of the wall (i.e. the included model).
It is time for these two unexpected patterns to join your own iconic space, for them to remind us of the lost profit of past abundant botanist walks, with all their modesty.
They too have the right to our vertical walls.

Vincent Labaume, May 1st 2001.
18/08/01 15:15
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