My passion for volcanoes goes back to an expedition to the Vesuvius in 1935. It was then in activity, which made me believe in an imminent catastrophe. The visit to Pompeii and to its Museum only comforted my hopes. Unfortunately, the eruption in 1944 was not what I had expected.
Later, much later, the volcanic manifestations became for me a metaphor for passionate states and the cone from which the magma would explode and provoke rivers of fire, an image of the menses of the Earth. And only a 180 degrees rotation and the sex of the goddess was before my eyes ! The juice and the tastiest of fruit could then flow, I only had to kneel down and lick with delight. Strawberries, raspberries and other Rubus became from then on my mediums and my colours. I had revived my relationship with painting !
From the eruption to the divine flow there was only a second. It is this game that I propose : you must choose either between the intense cone or the triangle of iniquity, or not choose at all, going back and forth from one to the other.

Paul-Armand Gette, Paris, April 2001.
18/08/01 15:13
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