Work in situ, 06.2001

The artwork is about positioning on a wall a series of patterns in a sticker form on the indicated locations.
To do this, one firstly paints the entire wall x in a colour z, left to the choice of the collector. (All colours are authorised, including white). Then, using an indelible pencil, one draws a grid in the middle of the wall x, made of 4 parallel vertical lines every 95,7 cm. Then equally parallel, a series of horizontal lines this time shall cut the wall vertically every 30 cm starting by the central line separating into two parts the wall x, from the ceiling to the floor. If the ciling as mouldings, one shall stop the lines here. If there is a skirting board between the wall and the floor, the drawing shall stop at the board. One notices that the patterns are divided into 2 equal groups.
The first (type 1) corresponds to a series of motifs 30 cm high by 26,1 cm wide each bordered by three 8,7 cm wide vertical strips. The median strip is covered in white ink (or paint ?). The second group corresponds to a series of motifs (type 2) identical to the first except for the painted strips that are in this group the 2 strips at the extremities, thus leaving the median strip transparent. These patterns shall be placed starting from the upper left side of the left vertical column of the grid just drawn. On the left then lined one below the other and on every other space starting from the first upper left (if it is inferior to 30 cm, one shall cut the pattern according to the space to be filled in), one shall stick only type 2 patterns. Then along the vertical column n°2, one shall align in the same way alternately on every other line square and staggered, in relation to the first disposition on the extreme left, all the type 1 patterns. On the third column of the grid, one shall place a series of type 2 patterns exactly in the same way as on the very first line on the left. Lastly along the line on the right (n°4), one shall align the type 1 patterns exactly like those lined up on column n°2 on the left.

The white painted part on each one of the patterns visually show up in contrast to the coloured background of the wall x. The colour of the wall then shows through the transparent parts of each of the patterns. If all of these patterns are placed (including the grid) on a white wall, the creation even though visible, shall be extremely discrete visually speaking and this may be considered as satisfactory. Please use the drawing included for the construction of the artwork. If the patterns of both types are used in the construction of the visual artwork this also applies to the colour of the wall x and the drawing of the grid on which the patterns are stuck on, they are not in any way as such and before the collage invested with an “artwork” status. It is equally understood that each piece, once painted, drawn and the patterns stuck, is an original artwork, different from any other. The result of this “mecanism“ of unlimited edition, shall produce a unique work of art each time.
It is to be noted that the motifs are arranged on the wall in the exact position they would be in if they were part of a grid and sticker decorations covering the entire wall. It would then more closely resemble a tapestry, or rather wallpaper.
Daniel Buren
18/08/01 15:05
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