Landscapes and odds
This project saw light whilst taking my dog for walks in a local park dominating Paris and its outskirts. Every time I contemplated the urban landscape surrounding me, its vision provoked something, a strange reaction in me, almost between wonder and repulsion... The interweaving of accumulation... The straight-line dictatorship cutting out a sharp borderline on the horizon, leaving only the faint and distant sounds of men and transforming them into figures like those from the early days of photography. The teeming still went on though, only seen clearly at dusk when the endless rows of windows begin turning on and off madly. Today, this labyrinth like landscape is organizing itself and nothing can stop it. Everywhere on the planet, regardless of culture, the same story is being repeated ; Manhattan is becoming the new “universal” landscape...   Landscapes and Odds is an open proposal. Easy to realize it is a project combining simple graphical elements: blue lines, yellow rectangles, governed by binary construction rules and the odds of dice results. While respecting the serial aspect of the Art Wall Sticker Project, the use of chance as an element of composition (dice throwing), makes each realization unique : converging in content but diverging in form. I often include undetermined elements or chance as a rule in my work because I like the idea of also being partly spectator. When I exhibit, I often include the space and the duration of the exhibition in the heart of my constructions, each time letting my pieces evolve somewhat on their own. An aspect that I appreciate about the Art Wall Sticker Project, is the preponderant position that it gives to the collector.

HF Blondeau, 2001
18/08/01 15:02
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