The work of Jean Pierre Bertrand is situated somewhere between nature and concept, the first nourishing the second.

Nature :
Manipulation of organic materials on whitish monochrome surfaces, with salt impregnated paper, yellow with lemon, red with acrylic and honey as a binder.
These surfaces obey a rule, based on their format and their distribution on the wall. The organic elements, mineral, vegetal or animal, interact with each other.
A certain perception of living order is at stake. The last part of the work consists in using the Flemish oil medium that produces a certain transparency effect, while alternating the perception of the surface. Fading formal perception, affecting the background, now becomes difficult to understand.


Concept :

The work is focused on the number 54 and its divisions, as well as on functional dispositions expressed through other mediums such as photography, film, video or even the use of a neon letter. In a short passage of his book1, Max Brod portrays Kafka before his death and his strange desire to watch people eating strawberries and cherries, because he was no longer able to appreciate their taste. I cut out a square shape in each strawberry that I then photographed placing the light source as close as possible to the lens, creating a slight shadow on the border of the extracted piece, that I then ate.
The Art Wall Sticker strawberry is reproduced on square vinyl, 15,5 cm long and disposed in an oblique manner, starting from the upper right corner of the wall and heading towards the left. Each vinyl is placed 17 cm from the next, with a slight downward interval of 3 cm (the height of the missing part of the strawberry). The small leaves have been lightened with a bright green colour ; the red of the strawberry has gained in density. The image has been somewhat reanimated, acquiring a new status confirming that of a ritual. The falsified image has become closer to publicity. it’s consumer quality is now seen through its new plastic presence, with exception of the missing part.

1- Uber Franz Kafka, Max Brod.
Jean Pierre Bertrand.
Paris, April 27th, 2001.
18/08/01 15:00
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