The pattern that I propose is a drawing or rather an intervention on a playing card that I found in the street. I was curious to know which card it was so I kept it and a few days later I drew a face inspired by the club form. My drawing looked like a ghost or a skull, the result was weird, like a hallucination provoked by having looked at a repetitive wallpaper pattern for too long. That is why I thought of this drawing for this project.
I have always found wallpaper decorative and intrusive, probably because of the repetitive element that fascinates yet bores me. In the best of cases, one should totally forget about wallpaper or it might become a total nightmare. It may age badly, ending up looking like an unhealthy skin pasted on a wall with blotches of mould here and there, not forgetting an unglued part that someone finally tore off, rendering it inevitably dull and glaucous.

Pierre Ardouvin 2001
18/08/01 14:56
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